W-W Moving, Inc.

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W-W Moving & Furniture, Inc. provides a Tri-State moving service that guarantees  to deliver what our proud motto states--MOVING MORE FOR LESS.

We want to insure that all our customers receive the best possible "moving experience" so that they can move-in and move on with the important things in their life.

Please visit our other pages to learn more about the services we provide and how to contact us, but
first check out "Ken's Moving Tips" below.

Ken's Moving Tips to make  your move a  "Moving Experience":                                                        
1.  Pack and box all loose items to avoid loss or 

2.  Mark each box clearly with contents and rooms
     noted on the outside.

3.  Provide enough space around items and furniture
     to ensure safe removal, increase expediency
     of move, and avoid accidents.     
4.  Keep all doorways clear of rugs, personal items, furniture,      
     appliances, children, and your pets!!!!
5.  Make a list and plan your schedule for the day. 

6.  Last, but most important, schedule an appointment           
     with W-W, and you can relax knowing we will 
     take care of any moving problems. 


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